Meet LE Veteran & Citywide Surveillance Expert Gawain Guedry

By Total Recall Corp. | Viktoriya Vudmaska
Friday, April 6, 2018

It is also important they develop a strategic plan to remediate the concerns of those affected by the crime. The solutions can then be scaled based on need and financial capability. This should be the case regardless of a city’s size.

Total Recall’s CrimeEye® is a perfect solution for both small and large cities.

Given the team’s experience with deploying citywide solutions across the country, and having recently been acquired by Convergint (the largest, privately-held system integrator in the world who is focused on being its customers’ best service provider), the possibilities are endless. Total Recall’s solutions can be deployed on a temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent basis and scaled to meet current and future objectives.


Total Recall and Convergint are perfectly aligned to help cities, municipalities, and law enforcement agencies design, implement, and maintain citywide safety solutions.

Total Recall has been in business since 1985 and has been providing citywide solutions since 2004. They have a team of professionals well versed in designing and delivering the technology components that are necessary to ensure safety in any city. Their time in business alone demonstrates their commitment and desire to remain a long-term partner for any community.

Convergint Technologies, as the largest, privately held system integration organization in the world, is well positioned to provide the installation and maintenance components that are necessary to ensure short- and long-term success.

Convergint was created on a set of values and beliefs and is a company dedicated to ensuring its employees achieve a balance of work, family, and community service – values and beliefs that align perfectly with the values to which public safety professionals swear an allegiance.

I hope the experiences from my law enforcement can provide some value to the leaders of cities and police departments who are hoping to garner an understanding of how citywide surveillance systems can help their communities.