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CrimeEye® is Total Recall’s line of high-quality, comprehensive public safety video solutions. With all of the necessary components for capturing and transmitting video footage, CrimeEye systems enable law enforcement and municipalities to deploy complete video surveillance for a variety of applications.

CrimeEye solutions range from fixed systems for permanent deployment to portable units for both permanent and temporary video surveillance applications. Designed for 24/7 outdoor coverage, CrimeEye solutions feature an all-inclusive engineered design, high-quality video, and reliable performance.

  • Citywide Video Coverage
  • Public Event Safety
  • Crime Hotspots Monitoring
  • Remote Area Surveillance


CrimeEye fixed location solutions are modular systems designed for permanent citywide video coverage. Engineered for reliable long-term citywide video surveillance, they feature a weatherproof housing, variety of imaging options, and advanced networking capabilities.

Fixed units have multiple configurations which vary depending on customer needs and specifics of the surrounding environment. CrimeEye fixed location units can operate independently or can integrate into a citywide network with dozens of other CrimeEye units.

  • One platform supports two cameras
  • Multiple transmission, storage, & power connection options
  • HD quality imaging with a variety of imager options: fixed, PTZ, 180°
  • Cost-effective solutions for citywide video coverage

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The CrimeEye Rapid Deployment series is comprised of light-weight public safety video systems, which are unique in their portability. CrimeEye RD can be installed within minutes, then quickly and easily moved to a new location as needed.

These solutions require virtually no tools to set up and can be deployed by one person on almost any type of pole with the included mounting hardware. Equipped with HDTV-quality dome network cameras, CrimeEye Rapid Deployment unit will stream high-quality video in minutes after installation.

  • Can be successfully used for both temporary and permanent deployments
  • Rapid single-person installation with virtually no tools required
  • Streams video within minutes to a command center, laptop, or tablet
  • HD camera delivers superior imaging
  • Patented enclosure enables secure transportation
  • Can function independently or be integrated into a citywide network

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Pursuing the major goal of ensuring public safety within their city, Chattanooga city leadership selected CrimeEye RD-2. In April 2017, during the first phase of the project, Chattanooga PD installed 15 CrimeEye units in various parts of the city. After the great success of phase one, 14 additional units were installed in 2018, and five more in 2019. Watch the video to learn more.

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“It was really exciting to be able to have plug-and-play capacity with GigaSPEED fiber pretty much everywhere in the city.”

Chief Fred Fletcher, Chattanooga Police Department

“We are able to use the technology not just to assist us with this violent crime, but also to make sure that we stay safe when we host events with thousands of people all around our city.”

Mayor Andy Berke, City of Chattanooga