Video Synopsis

Most surveillance cameras operate 24/7, but often there is not enough time and manpower to review all the video recordings. As a result, important events and activities can be missed during fast forwarding or passive camera monitoring (when cameras are not watched by security personnel.)

Video Synopsis is an approach that helps reduce the time it takes to review long video records. It summarizes hours of video footage into minutes by simultaneously presenting all the events and activities that occurred within a specific period of time.

In other words, different events that happened within a day are presented and viewed together. This allows an operator to review an hour of video in less than a minute. For example, if a camera was set to record activities on the parking lot, at the end of the day security personnel will watch through a 1.5 minute video “packed” with all the people and cars that were entering or leaving the parking lot. The important factor is that videos are not being sped up, but all the events and activities are reviewed at the same time.

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