Video Management System (VMS)

The Video Management System is the “brain” of a surveillance network. It provides a single platform for recording, monitoring, analyzing and retrieving of video footage captured by all the network cameras.

The VMS records compressed video streams from the network cameras and encoders and transmits the video footage to the command center, where it can be reviewed, managed, shared and/or archived. In addition, VMS enables the panning, tilting and zooming of PTZ cameras.

The advanced Video Management System integrated by TRC, consolidates all the enterprise surveillance and security functions into a single flexible and reliable platform. Total Recall offers its customers a wide range of advanced VMS solutions. These solutions vary depending on the number of cameras, servers, users, third party applications and additional VMS capabilities.

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  • Supports up to an unlimited number of cameras, servers and users
  • Multiple video export formats
  • Supports mobile applications
  • Smart Search
  • Alarm Manager
  • Third -party application integration*


  • Unlimited system growth
  • Freedom in equipment choice
  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface
  • Reliable back up protection
  • Wide integration possibilities for third-party applications