Municipal Surveillance

Often, municipal requirements call for solutions to provide coverage for a specific crime “hot spot.” Total Recall has developed modular systems for smaller-scale projects, neighborhood initiatives and small-to-medium sized police departments. These solutions utilize Total Recallʼs experience designing Citywide surveillance network solutions with enhancements to accommodate smaller scale projects.

Municipal Stand-Alone Surveillance solutions offer many of the benefits of Citywide Surveillance Networks, including everything needed from the camera systems on the street to access from patrol cars and remote monitoring. Stand-alone solutions do not include complex networking, centralized recording facilities, or real time video capabilities.

Total Recallʼs digital solutions for municipalities range from stand-alone, self install systems to entry-level enterprise solutions fully scalable to grow as requirements and funding evolve.

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City Overview
Diamond District, New York City, NYMultiple camera installations protect New York City's diamond district.


  • IP-networked, video-centric surveillance systems and also realizes years of customer investments in analog technology cannot be thrown away. The result of combining old and new is a hybrid solution.