CrimeEye® is a Citywide Public Safety CCTV System. Our solutions are able to encompass everything from the camera systems on the street to the command center. Our digital solutions range from stand-alone, self install systems to complete enterprise solutions.

The enterprise solutions include a digital wireless network to bring live real time video to a head end or command center. We have several versions of camera systems with features that range from fixed field of view to PTZ cameras to mega pixel technology. Some are recorded locally while others are recorded local and simultaneously transmitted to a remote recording system. Camera systems have wireless access points for streets side viewing and control.

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  • Stand-alone to enterprise-level digital recording solutions
  • Network video solutions
  • Intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) video management
  • Integrated thermal imaging
  • Ethernet bridges (from 10MB to 1GB)
  • Video transmission
  • Stand-alone to enterprise level systems
  • GUI mapping for alarm annunciation
  • Passive infrared detection
  • Pulsed infrared detection
  • Buried cable detection
  • Fiber optic fence detection
  • Advanced video motion detection


  • Citywide Surveillance Network solutions for larger urban police departments seeking comprehensive, centrally managed video monitoring
  • Municipal Stand-Alone Surveillance solutions for pilot projects, neighborhood initiatives and small-to-medium sized police departments
  • Enterprise Surveillance solutions for organizations such as Federal and State agencies, universities and corporate customers