Company Profile

Company Solutions

Total Recall delivers customized digital video surveillance solutions to three fundamental customer segments:

  • Citywide Video Surveillance Network solutions for larger urban police departments seeking comprehensive, centrally managed video monitoring
  • Municipal Stand-Alone Video Surveillance solutions for pilot projects, neighborhood initiatives and small-to-medium sized police departments
  • Enterprise Surveillance solutions for organizations such as federal and state agencies, universities and corporate customers

Total Recallʼs solutions adapt to specific market sectors, including:

  • Homeland Security, Military, Law Enforcement and Prisons
  • Government Agency Facilities
  • Banking, Insurance and Financial Institutions
  • Facilities Management and Parking
  • Education and Campus Environments
  • Landmarks, Museums and Galleries
  • Industrial, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Complexes
  • Energy and Utility Companies
  • Hospitals and Healthcare

Suffern, New York, located just north of New York City.

Years in Business

Founded in 1985, Total Recall has been serving customers for over 25 years.


Total Recall’s technology solutions help law enforcement, government agencies and corporate security departments, protect people and secure physical assets by maximizing video surveillance and situational intelligence.

Core Competencies

Total Recall listens diligently to a customerʼs objectives and uses its extensive experience to design and deliver cost-efficient, integrated solutions customized to fit their security requirements and operational and environmental needs. Total Recall has a proven track record of providing integrated security solutions to federal, state and local agencies, as well as educational institutions and corporate customers, including its flagship installation at the Statue of Liberty.


Total Recall designs, builds, supports and maintains reliable, dependable network-based video-centric security systems.


Total Recall’s solutions integrate “best of breed” products, including its exclusive CrimeEye® field units, with open networking standards to provide fast, scalable installation and cost effective maintenance.

CrimeEye field units observe, capture and transmit video surveillance data. Modular component design encompasses a wide spectrum of cameras, networking and software platforms. Single, dual, 180° mega pixel and PTZ digital video camera models have been tested and deployed in locations with extreme temperatures (-20° to 110° F) and weather conditions, and are the industry’s oldest installations on record.


Total Recall has a team of field installation specialists and maintains a global network of strategic alliances to deliver worldwide support 24x7.

Total Recall solutions are engineered for maximum “up time.” Remote monitoring and modular components enable efficient maintenance and service.

Customer Examples

Major cities, municipalities, federal & state agencies, international organizations, landmark buildings, public parks and monuments, global events and large scale industrial, retail and commercial facilities.


Completed installations range from municipal and commercial settings with several cameras to large cities covering 300 square miles with 1000 cameras.