Citywide Safety Solutions

In the face of tough budgetary conditions, cities today seek new ways to reduce crime and augment law enforcementʼs capabilities. Video is recognized as one of the most effective techniques police departments are implementing. Serving as a Force Multiplier, CrimeEye® public safety video system puts more “eyes” on the street.

The benefits of Citywide and Municipal video safety solutions include:

  • Promotes crime reduction
  • Aids in verifying situations
  • Captures and documents events
  • Improves community safety & relations
  • Improves local business environment
  • Provides foundation for ancillary sensors

Installing and maintaining large-scale, networked camera systems with coordinated command and control centers in large urban areas presents many challenges:

  • Network Security
  • Interoperability to existing platforms
  • Network transmissions, including wireless, fiber and copper

Total Recall offers industry leading expertise in the design and implementation of video networks for larger urban police departments seeking comprehensive, centrally managed video feeds.

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City Overview
Washington D.C.Multiple wireless camera installations protect the Washington D.C. area.


  • Total Recall understands the benefits of new IP-networked, video-centric surveillance systems and also realizes years of customer investments in analog technology cannot be thrown away. The result of combining old and new is a hybrid solution.